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    Nashwan Habib landed in the U.S. the day he turned 18: Dec. 17, 1992. Nashwan Habib had no education past elementary school, barely knew any English and struggled with reading and writing.


    Today, Nashwan Habib is the president/ CEO of Angelo’s Towing & Recovery. Angelo’s Towing is a reputable San Diego towing company with many years of experience in the field.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    The average towing company will provide residential and commercial towing services. Some will operate 24/7 while others will operate on a set schedule. Nashwan Habib, a refugee from Iraq, has learned how to turn his towing company into a successful business throughout San Diego, California. ...
    Roadside emergency services look much different now than in the past. Just 30 years ago, smartphones were unheard of. GPS was an advanced technology that few could access, and making a call often meant finding a payphone. Nashwan Habib, who founded a tow company, says that technological changes...
    Nashwan Habib is a towing expert with years of experience running a successful business. Every year, he and his team prepare for the upcoming winter season and see a massive influx of sales during winter storms. New towing companies – and even experienced ones – need to understand a few of these...
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