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Nash Habib explains frequent vehicle accident reasons.

 Understanding accident causes is crucial to reducing your risk of being involved in one. Nash Habib weighs in.

Unavoidable car accidents If you drive regularly, you'll likely get in a vehicle accident. Every year, the NHTSA reports about 6.5 million police-reported accidents. Many more go unreported. As a consequence, Nash Habib will explore typical vehicle accident reasons.

The issue of vehicle accidents concerns Nash Habib. "Sadly, many people are injured or killed in vehicle accidents. Even though vehicles are safer than ever, they cause billions of dollars in damage every year.”

Sadly, the NHTSA estimates that 30,000 people die in automobile accidents each year. As a consequence, car accidents are among the leading causes of mortality in the US.

"Distracted driving causes most vehicle accidents." "You glance at your phone, maybe responding to a text," Nash Habib adds "but your car can cover hundreds of feet in seconds. "You may strike a car, a person, or anything else."

Many jurisdictions are toughening up on distracted driving. Texting while driving has resulted in numerous arrests. A homicide while texting and driving may result in murder and manslaughter charges. Police are increasingly targeting distracted drivers, who are pulled over and fined.

Drunk driving is a leading cause of death. Drinking and driving increases the risk of an accident. Your reflexes will slow, making it harder to drive straight.

DUI is never an excuse, Nash Habib argues. "Just call an Uber or Lyft." Hire a designated driver. If you drink and drive, you risk a terrible accident."

Speeding is another major cause of automobile accidents, which is your fault. Driving too quickly and injuring or killing someone is illegal.

In the event of a traffic stop or an accident, speeding might result in a host of legal consequences. "Nash Habib shares his views. "It is better to drive safely and obey speed limits."

Nash Habib's Accident Advice

In an accident, get off the road as quickly as possible. It's advisable to pull over to the side of the road. Use flares and other similar devices to increase visibility.

According to Nash Habib, every motorist should carry an emergency kit in their trunk with reflectors and electric flare lights. "Better visibility reduces accidents and severe injuries."

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