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You may be wondering whether you have any children that are learning to drive. See what Nash Habib has to say about being safe.



Rookie drivers may benefit from Nashwan Habib's safety advice.

A driver's licence is one of the most coveted possessions for many children. Having a car gives you the freedom to go anywhere you choose. They pose a serious threat. Roadside breakdowns, for example, may swiftly spiral out of control. Nashwan Habib, a professional, provides advice.

Nashwan Habib argues that teaching your children the rules of the road is just the beginning of preparing them for driving. The lives of your children may be saved if you teach them how to respond in an emergency situation.

The first thing to do if a car has a problem is to turn on the hazard lights to alert other drivers. Make an effort to park the vehicle if it's still operable. A quick stop on the side of the road is important if you don't.

Turning the wheels away from the road is a good idea after the car is safely parked. Once you've used the emergency brake, go on. This decreases the mobility of the disabled automobile.

You should point out safe places to halt as a parent, Nashwan Habib recommends. Try to go into a parking lot or onto a wide shoulder if it's safe to do so. " It's best to avoid pulling over near deep ditches or other areas with steep drops."

It's hard not to want to go out and see what's out there. However, before you get out of the automobile, make sure it's safe. The best thing to do if you're stuck in traffic is to stay in your car and call for help. If you're stuck, increasing your visibility is essential. Having flares, reflectors, and emergency lights in your vehicle is a good idea. It is now possible to use electric flare lights in a safe and simple manner."

When putting together an emergency kit, remember to include the essentials like screwdrivers and wrenches. Make sure your emergency kit is well-stocked. In the event of an emergency, prior knowledge will be useful.

The phone number of a roadside assistance service should be readily available, according to Nashwan Habib.

Call a roadside assistance service if you need aid. Roadside assistance may be provided by trained professionals, including towing, tyre replacement, and other services. Flares and reflectors are common.

To avoid becoming stranded on the side of the road, "You don't want to get stuck." Nashwan Habib tells her, "You're already stressed." "Having a roadside help firm close to where you live, work, or vacation is a good idea. Then dial their phone number."

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